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Half Moon Cay | The Bahamas (by Pat L.314)

Celsus Library, Ephesus | Turkey  (by archer10 (Dennis))

Gran Canaria | Spain (by Kristian Ohlsson)

Vava’u | Tonga

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Musha Cay | The Bahamas (by Jack Pearce)

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Grand Canal, Venice | Italy (by Pat L.314)

Arc De Triomphe | Paris (by cjb 2010)

Eiffel Tower, Paris | France (by cjb 2010)

Micheldever Wood, Micheldever | England  (by antonyspencer)

The German Fountain, Istanbul | Turkey (by Pat L.314)

It was built in 1898 to commemorate the visit of German Emperor Wilhelm II. The marble, stone and gem parts of the fountain were constructed in Germany and transported to Istanbul in ships - piece by piece.

Interior view, Blue Mosque, Istanbul | Turkey (by Pat L.314)

Shanghai | China (by marc_guitard)

Denali National Park, Alaska | USA (by Kavin Chawla)

Temple of Hadrian, Ephesus | Turkey (by Pat L.314)

Burj Al Arab, Dubai | United Arab Emirates