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Château de Chantilly, Picardie | France (by [ 117 Imagery ])

Rathaus, Hamburg | Germany

Komombo Temple, Aswan | Egypt archer10 (Dennis))

Bergen | Norway (by Pat L.314)

Brandenburg Tör, Berlin | Germany

Berliner Dom, Berlin | Germany (Storm Bambus)

(Source: travellingthworldforever, via travellingthworldforever)

Cathedral of Palermo | Italy (by archer10 (Dennis))

Lerwick, Shetland Islands | Scotland (by Pat L.314)

San Francisco, California | USA  (David Hanjani -

Reine, Lofoten | Norway (by daniel.osterkamp)

Gyantse Fortress | Tibet (by archer10 (Dennis)

The Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London | England (by Demonsub)

The Temples of Bagan, Pagan, Mandalay | Myanmar (by Louise Butler)